Edinburgh Tattoo in Sydney: February 2010

Well despite the damp weather and rain, with threats of worse to come, 34 members and friends of Clan MacNicol had a wonderful evening at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Australia.Meeting at a local watering hole for pre-show snacks and drinks all enjoyed the warmth and dry, with Ross Nicolson taking out the lucky door prize of a bottle of Scotch Whisky!All suitably dressed and covered to avoid getting wet the task of actually getting into the venue was probably the most daunting of the evening.Most were comfortably seated under cover, but a few had to be ready to raise the poncho’s and hats during the worst of the precipitation.Neil Nicoll and Linda were greeted by a personal welcome in the announcers introduction to the evening, from a relative performing for us all!The action was nonstop and most entertaining throughout, some of the traditionalists may have been shocked by some of the modern influences introduced by the dancers, all were enthralled by the precision and skill of the drill teams and the ability of the Trinidad limbo dancer to get under that so small a gap under the flaming limbo pole!The NSW mounted Police were a crowd favourite, but with so many excellent performances it was hard to choose.Sorry if you missed it, the DVD will be out in March