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The Highland Clan MacNicol

Membership brings numerous benefits:

1. OUR NEWSLETTER: We print a newsletter and send it out three times a year, keeping you up-to-date with the latest happenings with the Clan. A massive proportion of our effort and funds goes into creating and distributing this newsletter.

2. KEEPING IN TOUCH: The Clan is, in a very real sense, a family. You may be surprised at how being a member can help you keep in touch with the more distant members of your family. Normally you might not feel that close to, for example, a distant cousin - but the Clan is a common bond.

3. HELPING OUT: It is the contribution of members that keeps the Clan association running and able to attend events like Bundanoon is Brigadoon. It is very boring that such a large proportion of our annual expenses has to be spent on public liability insurance - but it is sadly necessary. By becoming a member, you help pay our annual insurance dues and keep us up and about.



Membership is welcome to anyone prepared to be loyal to our Chief - often that people bearing the name Nicolson / Nicol / Nicoll / Nicholson / Nicholl / MacNicol / Nicols / Nichols, etc. in any of its various forms and spellings (or any sept name of Clan) and spouses or descendants of such people; or anyone wishing, for loyal reasons, to become a member of the Clan.

We welcome you - and don't forget. It doesn't have to be a passive membership - you are welcome to participate on our website and in all our activities and events. If this is something that might interest you - just let us know!



Simply print out and fill in one of the forms below, attach your cheque for one or two years membership, and post it to:

Clan MacNicol Australia Inc, 10/377 North Rocks Rd, Carlingford, NSW 2118






Clan MacNicol Australia is a non-profit association with the aims of:


(1) Cultivating the spirit of kinship with Clan members throughout the world.

(2) Preserving the literary, historical and genealogical records and artefacts relating to the Clan.

(3) Promoting and honouring our Clan heritage and cultivating among our members , the pride and spirit of our ancestors.


The Clan is being progressively "raised" worldwide and is already quite a social force. For instance, the Clan purchased 130 acres of land in the Isle of Skye in the Hebrides of Scotland in 1987 from subscriptions worldwide. By doing this, we saved a beauty spot near the town of Portree in Skye from being turned into a water sports resort. This land, now open to the public as free access park, known as Ben Chracaig, is part of the original Scorrybreac Estate; so we now have roots in Scotland where our forbears came from!

Membership provides numerous benefits for your family. As well as helping the Clan to achieve its aims, we try to help Clan members keep up with the latest news and in touch with fellow kin through our newsletter 'Southern Cross' which is published and sent out to members three times a year. (Download the sample edition)

Naturally, social organisations cannot function without funds. However, we think that you will find that our rates are more than reasonable. Please remember that we are totally non-profit making. Our annual rates are $25.00 for "ordinary" members and $20.00 for "senior" members (over 60 years). This covers the family including children, up to the age of 18, living at home. There is also a $5 joining fee for new members. This cost is mainly utilised in producing and posting our comprehensive newsletter and in obtaining liability insurance cover for events. Depending upon demand, we attempt to run several functions per year. These can take the form of Clan Gatherings, Picnics, Theatre Parties and Ceilidhs (pronounced kay-lee). Don't let the word Ceilidh frighten you - it is just a Gaelic name for a party. At a Ceilidh we have such things as Highland Dancers, Pipe Bands, Singing, Recitations and good old foot tapping music and dancing, plus a rare commodity these days - good social contact.

Every second year our Clan has an International Gathering. This is based on an International Trust Meeting for our clan land at Ben Chracaig. In conjunction with this we have a major International Social Event. This year the Gathering will take place in Dunedin, South Island of New Zealand. This will be from 28th September – October 1st and will be attended by Clan MacNicol members from all over the world!


You can become a member by downloading and filling out one of the forms below, and returning it to Clan MacNicol Australia Inc, 10/377 North Rocks Rd, Carlingford, NSW 2118




Welcome to the Clan MacNicol! And we look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon! And don't forget - if you want to get involved, please do! Look around this website for more information, or contact us!