2013 Clan MacNicol Australia, Inc AGM

8 September 2013 Brisbane QLD

Clan MacNicol Australia, Inc announces that it will hold its 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, September 8, 2013 at the Breakfast Creek Hotel, 2 Kingsford Smith Drive, Brisbane, QLD.  Accommodations with the hotel can be made by contacting them by email or by calling 07 3262 5988.

Church Parade at   Ann St. Presbyterian Church 145 Ann Street Brisbane QLD 4000  10am.
Events will begin at 11:00 a.m. with hors d'oeuvres - drinks are at cost to the member. Official proceedings will begin at noon with the Clan being piped into the meeting. Lunch featuring haggis will begin at 1:00 p.m.; members will order individual meals (approximate cost $30).

Those planning to attend must contact John & Nancy Nicol by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or by calling 07 3879 8848 prior to 31 August 2013.
I look forward to catching up with everyone.

Dudley Nicholson
President, CMAI

Homecoming 2014 World Gathering Scotland

2014 is the year chosen by the Clan to return to Scotland and our ancestral territory on the Isle of Skye. The event was shifted to 2014 from 2012 to try and align our event with the 2014 Gathering of the Clans on the battlefield in Bannockburn.  A re-enactment of the battle is scheduled for 28-30 June, and Clan MacNicol will be represented at the Clan Centre.  The Standing Council of Chiefs Newsletter discusses the grassroots efforts to make the event a success.

Our Chief and Clan leadership are finalizing dates and events for the 2014 Clan Gathering. While gatherings in the past have been exclusive to the Clan Lands on Skye, the 2014 gathering will entail visits to three locations: the Bannockburn Battle Field, Balvenie Castle in Dufftown and finally the lands of Scorrybreac on the Isle of Skye.  The Chief has asked the younger members of Clan MacNicol to plan the events in Scotland, and they have established a Facebook page called Young MacNeacail 2014. 

Although final plans are still being confirmed, Clan members can begin to consider their travel plans based on this preliminary schedule (subject to change):

26-27 June or prior:  Members travel to Scotland

27th June Clan & 1000 Pipers March Stirling Castle
28-29 June: Bannockburn Gathering of Clans and 700th Anniversary Events
July travel to Portree Isle of Skye
3-6 July: General Clan MacNicol Federation Meeting and Céilidh
7 July: Clan members depart for home or other touring venues

Information concerning accommodations and Clan activities will be published as information is made available.